3 Iul 2010

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I live in Colombia, we have many fundations to help animals,and we also work, for many poeple go vegy, thats my work, lol, im vegetarian 15 years ago. and i have a very good healt. I saw how the animals suffer in your conuntry Romania, but i can see the situation is changing every day, and now is litle better than before, so Congratulations for ur good job, i wish u the best, and hope one day this change in all the worl, for good of the animals. pa pa….

Un raspuns

Thanks for your interest! I am vegan and healthy, I live with 16 rescued dogs and 3 cats and I work also volunteer in animal charities. But I fear that the situation of stray animals in our country is a story without end (or without a happy end in our lifetime).

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