30 Sep 2013

„Urgent Pe Gratis” : LARI, 5 luni, locul nașterii Socolari, Cheile Nerei, Caraș-Severin.

Toate vaccinele făcute. Va beneficia de sterilizare gratuită. Mama ei este fff frumoasă (ultima foto)! I was born in ‘the wild’, in a village in Caraș-Severin. I was very thin, but now I’m recovering. I urgently need a permanent home or at least a foster home! I’m 5 months old, vaccinated. My brother (named SOCO) was adopted 3 weeks ago, and is now taller than me. The one in the last photo, is my Mum (who I miss very much). I am very scared of this big city, I’m always shaking on the streets!

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