Nume Luna, Femela
Localitate Bucuresti

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Luna este o catelusa tare simpatica, de rasa comuna. Este de talie mica si are corpul usor alungit, tip dubita. Are o figura unica, jumatate alba, jumatate neagra, cu ochii impecabil conturati.
Este timida dar jucausa daca prinde curaj. Iubeste pisicile si se joaca frumos cu ele, pana cand pisicile se satura si o alunga. Latra mai mult in retragere si meseria de paznic nu i se potriveste. A fost tinuta in lant, pe care nu il suporta si nu tace pana cand e eliberata.
Am reusit sa o eliberam, insa acum isi cauta o familie care sa o iubeasca si pe care sa o rasplateasca cu caldura si bucuria ei inepuizabile.
Luna is the cutest and loveliest mongrel. She is small and elongated, a bit like a minivan. Her face is unique, half white, half black, with an impeccable dark eyeliner.
She is shy but very playful once she gets going. She adores cats and will play with them all day long, until the cats inevitably have enough and chase her away. She barks mostly while running away from danger and being a guard dog is not the best job for her. She was kept on a chain, which she could not stand at all and would not be quiet until she was freed.
We managed to free her but now she is looking for a family to love her which she will surely pay back tenfold with her endless warmth and joy.


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